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V2 to V3 Migration

Guide to help ease migrating your app from v2 to v3 of searchkit. The biggest change is that we have introduced a middle layer between elasticsearch and the browser. This middle layer requires node to be running Apollo Server with Searchkit's apollo-resolvers installed.

For the UI, we provide out the box react components which works with the API tier to provide a great out the box search experience.


Code example

With NextJS, its straightforward to setup this middle layer. See API Setup and follow the steps.

If you dont use next but use node express to serve the the frontend app, you can add apollo to by following this guide

Then V3 configuration and where some of the configuration will be. Some components do not exist yet (NumericRefinementListFilter, HierarchicalMenuFilter for example do not exist)

const searchkitConfig = {
// see host passed in as argument to SearchkitManager
host: 'http://localhost:9200',
index: 'movies',
hits: {
fields: ['title', 'actors', 'writers', 'plot', 'poster']
query: new MultiMatchQuery({
// see v2 SearchBox queryFields prop
fields: ['actors', 'writers', 'title^4', 'plot']
facets: [
// known as RefinementListFilter component
// for OR operator, use multipleSelect boolean
new RefinementSelectFacet({
identifier: 'type',
field: 'type.raw',
label: 'Type',
multipleSelect: false,
display: "ListFacet" // component display. Currently support a ListFacet or ComboBoxFacet
// known as RangeFilter. Similar options as to props
// showHistogram is currently always enabled, design slightly different
new RangeFacet({
field: 'metaScore',
identifier: 'metascore',
label: 'Metascore',
range: {
min: 0,
max: 100,
interval: 5


Code Example

Then update the frontend app with the new react components. @searchkit/elastic-ui components. Follow the guide on UI Setup