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Searchkit Schema

Initial Setup

import {
} from '@searchkit/schema'

const searchkitConfig = {
host: 'http://localhost:9200', // elasticsearch instance url
index: 'my_index', // elasticsearch index
connectionOptions: { // optional options. Common example for authentication
apiKey: "sdccdcdc",
headers: {
'x-custom-header': "customValue"
hits: {
fields: []
query: new MultiMatchQuery({ fields: [] }),
facets: []

// Returns SDL + Resolvers for searchkit, based on the Searchkit config
const { typeDefs, withSearchkitResolvers, context } = SearchkitSchema({
config: searchkitConfig, // searchkit configuration
typeName: 'ResultSet', // type name for Searchkit Root
hitTypeName: 'ResultHit', // type name for each search result
addToQueryType: true // When true, adds a field called results to Query type

const server = new ApolloServer({
typeDefs: [
type Query {
root: String

type HitFields {
root: String

// Type name should match the hit typename
type ResultHit implements SKHit {
id: ID!
fields: HitFields
`, ...typeDefs
resolvers: withSearchkitResolvers({}),
introspection: true,
playground: true,
context: {

Key points:

  1. SearchkitSchema returns the schema definition language (SDL), the resolvers and the context for searchkit required. SearchkitSchema requires a searchkit config and two typenames, one for the Searchkit Root (typeName) and another for the Hit item (hitTypeName).
  2. You need to define a type for each hit item. In above example, ResultHit is the type used for each hit result. This type needs to implement the SKHit interface and requires at least one field
  3. addToQueryType adds a results field to the root Query object which is handled the Searchkit resolver.


configSearchkit config
typeNameString. The root type name for searchkit.
hitTypeNameString. The hit type that will be used for all hits. Should match a type you have implemented. See ResultHit example above
addToQueryTypeBoolean. Adds a results field to the root Query object which is handled the Searchkit resolver. Set this to false if you want to implement the searchkit root field yourself. See Customising GraphQL field section for more information
getBaseFiltersAllows you to pass an array of elasticsearch queries to filter results by. See Adding base filters documentation for more information.

Customising the Searchkit Types

  • typeName: Specifies the type name used for the Searchkit root query. Configured on SearchkitSchema options.
  • hitTypeName: specifies the hit type name used for each result hit. Configured on SearchkitSchema options.

Customising GraphQL field

See Customising types

Multiple Searchkit configurations

see Adding multiple searchkit configurations

Searchkit Configuration

See Searchkit SDK on searchkit configurations. Searchkit Schema uses SDK behind the scenes.