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When you want to apply filters to your search and don't want them to be displayed as facets. Some examples could include:

  • Adding a search box in UI which applies to one field
  • Adding a date range component to UI

Adding a filter to Searchkit Config

Within the Searchkit config, there is a filters array which allows you to configure one or more filters for your search. Below is an example of adding a term filter to search.

const moviesSearchConfig = {
host: 'http://localhost:9200',
index: 'movies',
hits: {
fields: ['actors', 'writers'],
filters: [
new TermFilter({
identifier: 'type',
field: 'type',
label: 'type',

With this configured, you should be able to apply a GQL query like below

results(filters: [{identifier: "type", value: "test"}]) {
summary {
appliedFilters {
... on ValueSelectedFilter {

and Searchkit will return all hit results that have a field type with a value of "test".

If you're using @searchkit/client, you will be able to apply the filter like so

const CustomFilterComponent = () => {
const api = useSearchkit();

return (
onClick={() => {
api.toggleFilter({identifier: 'type', value: 'test'});;
Toggle test filter